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Property Rights | Freedom of Expression | Individual Liberty

Canada’s constitution is a big mess deserving a big fix. It’s our fundamental law. It determines how we do politics, make laws, and run our government. But it’s not working.

We can’t reform or abolish the Senate. Our property rights aren’t protected. Free speech is increasingly threatened. The provinces feel cheated. Aboriginals and Quebecers are alienated. And the worst part is, we can’t clean it up one sensible piece at a time because it excludes the people.

We need to change that. We need to get back to what was good about the 1867 Constitution, keep the sensible sections of the 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, add protection for property rights, strengthen individual liberty, and get rid of collective rights that can’t, or shouldn’t, be enforced.

Our documentary will offer an explanation of how our Constitution works, what was already going wrong in 1982, what went much more badly wrong in that year, and how to fix it. It will offer not just analysis but a plan of action: a draft revised Constitution and a procedure for implementing it, so that we can act now.

We need to remake the fundamental rules that govern our life together in a way that inspires and unites us. And then we need to submit it directly to the people in a referendum to give it legal and moral authority to replace the existing mess.

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